Maxim Mitenkov for the fantastic cover created from his award-winning piece The Scream. I could not be more pleased with how it turned out. An additional thanks is needed for the illustrations featured in the Hardback and Limited Edition for Look Before you Leap, A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma, and You Catch More Flies with Honey. Maxim can be found at the following website:

Lindsay Akins for her continued support on this project as well as her stunning artwork featured in A Bird in Hand, Knock on Wood. and To Shed this Mortal Coil – Knock on Wood is only available in the Hardback or Limited Edition. She is also the artist for the cover of Mary Sue From Across the Street. Lindsay can be found at the following website:

Denise Miller for the two beautiful pieces featured in the Hardback, EBook, and Limited Edition in Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth and In the Land of the Blind, The One-eyed Man is King. The image used for In the Land of the Blind is just a sample of the overall work Punk Decision which can be seen it its entirety along with the rest of Denise’s work at the following website: